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 It took me a month to finish this book. This is probably the longest. While a busy schedule can be one of the reasons, I have had even more of a reading pace in much more busy schedules. The reason why JNU by Makarand R Paranjape took me so long is that I read it and imbibed the idea, and came back again, to develop another ideology.


While the eponymous institute and the controversial Tukde slogans are the base of the book, the author has topped it up with his historical aspects of the ideology of nationalism especially a different perspective of nationalism by Tagore and Gandhiji.

The author has shown commendable courage to stand up against the leftist hegemony, especially at a time when someone showing right-wing ideology in JNU was unofficially ostracised. The author stood up against the Tukde gang and exposed the hypocrisy of their humanitarian cry for a terrorist. As expected the author became a target.

While in several instances the author’s right-wing ideology comes out, the fact that he backed up his arguments with solid information which are facts in themselves cannot be ignored. 

Quote from JNU by Makarand R Paranjape

After reading his essay on Tagore’s nationalism that I reviewed before, I went back and read it again. I was surprised to see that there have been evident instances to believe that Tagore did not believe in the concept of nation. But somehow I missed the point till I read JNU by Makarand R Paranjape. The series of open letters written to character assassinate the professor followed. The author has left no stone unturned to address each of those.

Further, the shameful incident of the missing Biotechnology student and the further downfall of the historic institute are narrated to the laymen. The author lays bare the loss of the competitive edge of the institute uncharacteristically influenced by separatists. With some ideas to revive the institute, the author closes the narration. You might agree or disagree with the author’s ideology but you cannot deny the fact that what he said is true. 

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