Musings That Touch The Heart – Whimsical Poetry by Syeda Javeria Fatima

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 Of late, poetry seems to have lost its charm, or so I thought. With an upsurge of best-seller formulas, the number of people who talk about poetry became lesser and lesser.  But when I got hold of  Whimsical poetry by Syeda Javeria Fatima, I realized that there ate still young people who love poetry and write it with as much passion as we did. Whimsical poetry is a collection of poems that reflect the musings of a girl. 

Musings That Touch The Heart - Whimsical Poetry by Syeda Javeria Fatima

A girl who finds happiness in silly things. She is you and me. We can find the reflection of ourselves in the author. I did! She has, with her words touched a chord in the reader’s heart. Her first poem My Belief tells us how one can grow beyond the failures by pushing forward despite all odds. She talks about gratitude. That’s my mother is the depiction of a beautiful mother-daughter relationship that brings smiles and tears. 

The next poem series is one of the most unique concepts in poetry wherein the author assigned several poems to several characters. She took it forward like a series with sequels, which was an endearing thought.

While on one end she has focussed on the layers of emotion, on the other hand, she has spoken about the injustices we see around. She talks about gender bias, violence, and also friendships. Her poem Amla mater brought me back to my childhood and college days. 

What is appreciable is that the author did not unnecessarily squeeze verses so as to make it look over the top. She has used the words smartly, and in a narrative that connects with all types of readers. Overall the book is a sweet simple collection of poems, the musings that will force us to revisit so that we could feel the over and over again.

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