Autopsy by Patricial Cornwell – Suspense, Mystery and Entertainment

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 Kay Scarpetta is back! Patricia Cornwell is a master of mystery thrillers. Hence the legendary character created by the author can never go wrong. The minimum guarantee assured by the author has been reinforced through Autopsy.

Autopsy by Patricial Cornwell

Intriguing plot

Kay is a forensic pathologist who confronts a gruesome death of an unidentified woman. Though has dealt with the worst cases, this particular one has been unprecedented as she is unable to identify the victim. The further investigation gives her hints of who it is and realizes that her personality is also somehow entangled with the investigation. 

 As it is with the previous books, the author has the readers to the book right from the beginning with the requisite meter of suspense and mystery.  The author has carefully trodden the personal story of Kay Scarpetta in the plot amidst the investigation, which again proves the mettle of the author.

Characters that lead the plot

character portrayal is another point that needs to be pointed out specifically. The characters lead the plot and the craft of the characters is impeccably defined.

Overall the book is an out-and-out entertainer for thriller and murders mystery lovers. 

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