Engaging Book On Psychological Line Spanning Multiple Genres – The Memory Paradox by TE Aravind

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The most difficult task for a writer is to hook the readers to the first few pages of the book. The attention span of humans has been plummeting of late and the readers tend to judge the book in the first few pages itself. The Memory Paradox by TE Aravind manages Spanning multiple genres, the book manages to reflect the topics that the book could address.

The Memory Paradox by T E Aravind

The Memory Paradox - psychological line


Imagine a world where human memory and technology are intertwined. This book series explores the fundamental human needs and how they intersect with transformative technologies that are shaping our future. Anything beyond our current capabilities seems godlike, raising thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in our lives. The narrative unfolds through a web of complex relationships, spanning both past and present. These connections mold our actions, our identities, and the choices we make, creating a mind-bending puzzle. This gripping tale also spotlights the significance of mental health and psychological line that influence human behavior. It reminds us that everyone is battling their own challenges to survive in an unforgiving world.

My Review

The Pace

The plot takes off with a fun, impromptu trip. The author has incited the intrigue of the readers by bringing in the suspense element in the first chapter. The readers are left to ponder about the possible turns of events. However, the readers are left with an unimaginable twist. However, the vernacular narration in the first two chapters gives an impression of a quintessential easy read from an Indian author. This could have been overcome by one tight round of develomenttal edit. Though it hooks the YA fiction lovers in thr first few pages, further the book takes off and the author manages to maintain the pace throughout the plot.

Psychology Line and Scifi

Having read and watched multiple psychological sci-fi, I developed an extra sensory perception about how the plot might develop. However, the author surprises the readers with such twists that provide a hydraulic shift to the plot. The genres and chronology of the plot shift back and forth. However, the author has managed to seamlessly transition the timelines.


Of late, sci-fi movies traverse in a tangent that leaves the reader to visualize the events in the next 50 or so years. However, the memory paradox stands out in this regard by being dystopian and not so much that genetic alterations and related experiments could land at this point in less than a decade.

Detailed research

The author had invested a comprehensive research on psychological line and science. The precision established in the book is a testimony to the same. Right from the moment Raj begins his foray into his psyche and the past, the readers travel with him. So do Ilamaran’s helplessness and his deftness.

Characters lead the plot.

The highlight of the book is that the plot is led by the characters. Protagonists to supporting characters everyone has an individuality and the space to develop. Each major or minor character has something to provide for the plot development. Hence the readers being hooked to the characters itself makes the book engaging and unputdownable.

Overall the books develops in a slow pace and swiftly shifts gears and further it is a feast for the sci fi and psychological line fiction lovers.

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