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Book Description

Imagine a world where human memory and technology are intertwined. This book series explores the fundamental human needs and how they intersect with transformative technologies that are shaping our future. Anything beyond our current capabilities seems godlike, raising thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in our lives. The narrative unfolds through a web of complex relationships, spanning both past and present. These connections mold our actions, our identities, and the choices we make, creating a mind-bending puzzle. This gripping tale also spotlights the significance of mental health and psychological factors that influence human behavior. It reminds us that everyone is battling their own challenges to survive in an unforgiving world.

About the Author

Being Indian, a Tamilian, and having interacted with people from diverse cultures, I firmly believe that this world is a beautiful chaos. Inspired by a love for storytelling, I began sharing short stories with friends and family, and with constant motivation from the lovely people around me, I started my dream project of this debut book series, “The Memory Paradox”. My writing delves into the mind’s influence on perceptions, emotions, and behaviors, fueled by a fascination with new technologies and a deep interest in human psychology. I am a bank professional with a passion for writing and embarked on a parallel journey as an aspiring author. Now my world revolves around finding the balance between numbers and words.

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