Vodka Vagina Vanity – An Experimental Literature By Vikram Dhawan

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 A while back we were discussing abused souls. How an abused behaves. How they look different, how you should not judge them. While mulling over the topic, I thought the review of Vodka Vagina Vanity by Vikram Dhawan would be the perfect fit to follow.

Vodka Vagina Vanity - An Experimental Literature By Vikram Dhawan

A drift from the genre

The author, after his breathtaking craft Kashmir House is back with a genre that is a far cry from the previous attempt. The book is contemporary fiction with a Millennial narrative merged with literary finesse. 

The basic plot is about a shining star Sherry who goes forward to write her autobiography where she exposes four sharks in four equally influential parts of the society.

These men lose their sleep over the possible implications of the book sees light and hence go forth to prevent the actress by hook or crook. Further, the plot thickens. How the four tycoons try to pull the plug on the deal makes the book all the more interesting to read.

Style of narration

The author has already proven his command of English which is reinforced in the book. This is an answer to the prejudice that Indian English writers are all about vernacular narration. Having said that I would love it if the author had modified the tone of dialogues as the characters portrayed are all from different walks of life and hence the style may vary.

However, this didn’t affect the plot in any way. The author’s sarcasm and satire have hit the right note. He has laid bare the facade of celebrities, political jargons, and business tycoons.

Author’s grip over history

While reading Kashmir House and reading vodka vanity Vagina, a common link I noticed in the author’s command of historical fiction and geopolitical dynamics. While reading Irina’s life( not mentioning who she is to avoid spoilers) I could feel the power of confident narration in those parts of the book.

Overall the book is an entertaining and engaging read from the author, just like Kashmir House and different from the same. If you love to read experimental literature this is your book.

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