No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias – Dark , Thrilling, Emotional

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 The religious secrets have always be hot topics for books and movies. The dark alleys of hidden secrets and the bodies that are buried to keep them as secrets – the trope is always unique despite the number of times it has been repeated. No Shadow Without Light by Luke Gracias is one book that has taken up this trope and created a creative masterpiece.

No shadow without light

Unparalleled plot 

Siobhan is trying to unearth the mystery behind her mother’s disappearance. As we unveil the layers lies half truths, she finds herself being targetted. A run for her life is the only option let for her and hence she gets to the heels. Little did she know that the one whom is she is running from is unfortunately and unexpectedly her sister.

The devil’s prayer in the Devil’s bible hold immenspower. This took me to my review of Devils Prayed when I had criticised the author for the climax and had substantiated by saying if there is a sequel, it makes sense. And now everything makes sense.

Character space 

The author has not dedicated too much space to the characters yet successfully established the craft and idiosyncrasies along with their body language. Strong willpower and perseverance characterises each one. The author’s style reminds us of a mix of Ken Follet and Dan Brown. 

The thrill to live for

Right from the prologue the author has established and successfully propogated the suspence and hence the mysterious element without making it monotonous. Chapter to chapter, the plot become more and more interesting. Simultaneously the author has brought forward the emotional connect of the characters. 

The graph of the author’s growth is impressive. The book is indeed a treat for the dark thriller lovers. I would love to read the book over and over again. The title itself is spiritually and philosophically enlightening.

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