National Reading Day – In Memory of P.N Paniker

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 Being a reader you would have been associated with atleast one library. Library was once considered the place of worship for book lovers. Further online book sites, and e book apps took away the glory of libraries. Nonetheless the contribution of libraries in bringing forth and sustaining the reading culture in India is irrefutable. But being an ardent reader, are you aware of the contributions of Late K.N. Paniker in revolutionizing reading? 1996 June 19, the first death anniversary of K.N. Paniker, marked the beginning of observing National Reading Day in India. 

National Reading Day June 19

K.N. Paniker – The father of library movement in India

Sri. K.N Paniker was committed to bringing cultural changes in the society y empowering the youth with education. Hence his library movement is not merely an attempt to promote reading but overall growth of the society in the cultural and ethical zone. 

He started the Sanandhana Dharman Library and also is the founder of library association in Travancore named Thiruvithancore Grandhashala Sangham. While he was at it, political interference started popping up and the association was taken our and renamed ad Kerala State Library Council. Disheartened with these political game he started Kerala Association for Nonformal Education. (KANFED)

KANFED is instrumental in improving the literacy rate in Kerala. It became first Indian state with 100% literacy largely due to his hardwork and perseverance.

National Reading Week

K.N. Paniker bid adieu to the world on June 19,1995 and since then, every year National Reading Week has been celebrated on this day. In addition Reading week and Reading month have been celebrated in the days preceding June 19.
CBSE board has instructed the schools to celebrate the day to inculcate reading habits in kids.
On this National Reading Day, let us commit to responsible reading.
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