Being Ritu by Satya Saran – A Touching Biography

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 To be born to a celebrity family and to make a mark of one’s own is never an easy job. Meet Ritu Nanda, daughter of the legendary actor Raj Kapoor. The apple of the eye of Kapoor family. 

Being Ritu

The book is not a biography of Ritu Nanda. It is a reflection of humility, willpower, affection, care and selflessness. 

Ritu, despite being born in an aristocratic family, has always been humble. Her down to earth nature is what her friends and college mates could recollect on the mention of her name. The endearing childhood anecdotes will bring smile to our faces. Though streched tad bit overboard, they reflect the real Ritu.

Further, marriage to the Nanda family, kids, entrepreneurial ventures, being an insurance advisor. The lady has donned all the caps with a golden feather. 

The book is also a reflection of how we could fight death and diseases with sheer will power. Be it auto.immune disease or cancer, she faught it with a smile. While reading about how she has met the deadly disease head on, I genuinely wanted to meet her talk to her. I wanted to know how she has been so optimistic. I wanted to know where she derived her inner strength from. I just wanted too see her for once and hug her.

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