How to Make a Reading Habit? – Effective Tips to Read More Books

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 I have been asked numerous times about how I read so many books despite having three kids and other commitments alongside. I have always been tagged as jobless as those who read books are simply sitting and reading, aren’t they? But let me tell you, it is possible for any busy person to read more, provided you have the desire to read and invest efforts to do so… So, how to make a reading habit amongst the busy schedule?

How to make a reading habit?

How to make a reading habit?

To make reading a habit primarily you should have a desire to read the books, without which howsoever you try you won’t be able to develop the time and convenience. Once you decide to start reading more or revive your reading habits, you can try the following steps to keep up with it. 

1. Give yourself attainable reading goals

Don’t start or revive your reading by suddenly starting to read 100 or 200 pages. This will overwhelm and in turn discourage you. Hence make it a point to read only 10-20 pages per day. Keep your reading goals attainable and realistic. 

2. Specify small reading times

Always have a reading time table. It can be anytime even your toilet time. It could be as short as 15 minutes also. Once you get into the reading groove, you can slowly increase the reading time. This will systematically take you to the reading routine which will not overwhelm you. 

3. Have a reading corner

You could be living in a mansion or a studio apartment, finding a reading corner is the best way to revive your interest as there would be a positive vibe around that corner. It could even be a specified corner of your bed or toilet seat (shhh…. don’t tell anyone but I feel you busy bee)

4. Take part in yearly reading challenges

There are reading challenges like the ones conducted by Goodreads. Signing up to is a good prospect to connect with fellow readers as well. While doing yearly challenges also, make sure your goals are attainable. 

5. Always have a book with you

Where ever you go, have a book with you so that when you are waiting somewhere, instead of scrolling through the phone you can read a couple of pages.
If you are going for a vacation, take a book along so that while you relax, you can read and cut yourself away from the noise of social media. Even if you are on an official trip or even going with kids, you can carry a book and you will get time to read. It is a guarantee.

6. Borrow from your SM time

Have you noticed how much time you spend on social media? If not track it and cut it down slowly. You can invest the time that you saved from social media for more productive work. How about that?

7. DNF/Skim

DNF is a millennial bookworm lingo which is an acronym of Do Not Finish. If you find that the book is not interesting stop reading it and pick another book. You can take it again at some other time.
You can also skim through the book that you find not interesting.

8. Read two books at a time

This trick has helped me during my reading block time. Because reading one book might come across as monotonous for you but if you add one more book to it, it will break the monotony

9. Join a book club

Book clubs are the best way to revive a reading habit. You can join OUTSET BOOK CLUB if you wish to..

10. Book fairs

Buying books during the book fairs is an easy way to get books at discounted prices. You can also have kindle unlimited or even get free books from Amazon and other platforms to start with.
These are a few practical tips to make reading a habit. But the primary prerequisite is to have an interest in reading the book.  So get to your reading routine and enjoy yourself in the world of books.
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