Be A Triangle By Lilly Singh – Exuberant, Thought Provoking

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 Being a Holistic Wellness Coach, I have always been mindful of the books and speeches that help us deal with our demons and how to introspect and retrospect for ultimate peace and happiness. There have invariably been numerous new thoughts to take home from each person. But there is one girl who spoke about something that none of these legends have spoken about. Emerging from “tat tvam asi” (thou art that), every philosophy has a basic thought – knowing yourself. But have you ever thought of giving it back? Lilly Singh, in her book, Be a Triangle urges us to give it back to the universe.

Be a triangle by Lilly Singh

Giving it to the universe

While Lilly has written quite a lot of facts that are thought-provoking and help us in our life. But being a life coach what influenced me the most is her question of we are giving it back to the universe. While we all talk on ends about getting the positivity we seldom talk about giving positivity back to the universe.

Lilly has been that child who was shy, fearful, and low on self-esteem, being judged by those aunties, not accepted by family on coming out, and has been through thick and thin. The book is a reminder to everyone that no matter how successful we are, the insecurities, and feelings of discontent remain. One way or other we are living the same life.

Caslon Book type

The book is set in Caslon. This typeface was prevalent in the early eighteenth century. This makes it all the more attractive and the reading experience as soothing as the book itself is. The shade of green, my theme color is one of the most shades of color. Yay! Lilly used my theme …
Be a triangle by Lilly Singh

Build your foundation

The book undoubtedly guides you as you how to build a foundation based on your set of beliefs. With some stupendous analogies, she has illustrated a bindaas life that Lilly is known for. My favorite line is “In the World of Bengal Tigers, be a Bangle tiger.”
Building the foundation by establishing relationships with ourselves and the world, understanding distractions and implementing design. It has everything that we need.

While the book is a self-help one, the book is written in the classic Lilly style, which makes it an entertaining self-help book that anyone can read and take home something of value.
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