Hawala Agent By Smarak Swain

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 Hawala case has been In the news when I was in school. Other than the fact that it is some illegal deal or scam I was unaware of what it was and how and why it hit the headlines. By the time I grew up, Hawala became a term synonymous with any shady deal. And I grew up without really knowing what it is. Then I came across the book Hawala Agent. 

Hawala Agent by Smarak Swain

The plot touches on the life of a forensic auditor and corporate spy Digyen Burmah who is approached by his friend who wants to find his absconding wife. He believes that his wife has been kidnapped, but for what? Burmah sets out to find the truth and ends up unearthing a can of worms…

The book opened a world of fantasy, which is a reality in itself. With practical experience in the sector and with inputs from the officers who had hands-on experience during the scandal the author has woven an unputdownable craft of literature for the readers.

Fiction and nonfiction intertwined seamlessly to provide an impeccable reading experience, the book has done total justice to the subject it was dealing with.

The backstory could have been stronger and brought down to an abstract because the readers would be picking up the book to read about the Hawala scam. Having said the author has taken ample care not to divulge too many details while giving a complete picture.

Overall it is a thrilling read which is a mix of fiction and non fiction book lovers..

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