What’s Within You By Tok Lillig And David Shurna – Tap Your Potential

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 Do you know your caliber? Perhaps you do, perhaps you don’t but come what may you are always prepared for the experiences life would throw you. Because what’s within you is stronger than what lay in your way or what comes to you. With a strong message of self-awareness, self-actualization, and self-love Tom Lillig and David Shurna brings an unputdownable nonfiction experience. 

Whats within you

The book brings to light the lives of a few fighters who changed their destiny with sheer perseverance and never give up attitude. Can a blind person climb Mount Everest? Is it possible for a dead person to play Jazz let alone participate in America has got talent? If we had read this scenario in a fictional work, we would have invariably shrugged it off as over imagination of the author forgetting the fact that we are living in a world If Eric Weihenmeyer, Mandy Harvey, Stephen Hawkings n more. It is the inner power of your subconscious mind that you have to tap to activate the untapped sections of your power

Having gone through the toughest times in life, I have been where I failed to see what’s within me and concentrated instead on the obstacles and triggers. The book made me realise that I was looking at the wrong direction.

The highlight of the book is how the authors systematically a step by step account of how you can improve your life by breaking down the challenges. The approach of the authors towards the book is what holds the readers. They delve deep into our psyche and tell us where to look for. 

The idea is to identify your calibre and potential and enhance it with passion and perseverance. They connect with the readers and emanate powerful positivity through words and tell you whats within you.

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