In Conversation With The Author of The Teenage Chronicles – Saania Saxena

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While I was reading Teenage Chronicle, all I was thinking was how could such a young girl possess wordly knowledge and philosophical expertise. I had these questions reeling in my mind when I got a chance to interview the author herself. Yes, today we have Saania Saxena, the author of Teenage Chronicle sharing her vast experience at her tender age. She is a cosmopolitan Indian whom has been a globetrotter student.

Saania Saxena - Teenage Chronicles

Born to loving and caring Indian parents and grown with with Singer twin sister, Saania had her learning experience for a lifetime. 

“I have lived in 4 different countries including Singapore, India, South Africa, and the UAE and hence have moved around schools that have each been enriching in their own ways,” she says. “I have always been into writing since I own a blog titled Fun with Philosophy from the age of 12, and read various different books and met some incredible authors that sparked my interest in writing my own.”

Lets learn more about her in the virtual tété-â-tété by Outset Books.

You are born and brought up in the UK but your book has ideologies that reflect Indian culture. Was that adapted or a coincidence?

Since I wanted my book to have a wide appeal, I incorporated ideologies from several different cultures. Before writing, I interviewed some of my friends across different countries. So, there are indeed certain ideologies that reflect the Indian culture. 

How did you gain so much philosophical knowledge?

From a young age I was immersed in books that questioned life. Some include Magic of Reality and Sophie’s World, which provoked my own mind to wonder/ponder about such questions about why things are the way they are. 

Saania Saxena interview

Who is your favorite author?

Mitch Albom, because of his inspirational stories and themes, and how his books like Finding Chika and Tuesdays with Morrie tells us stories that find their way from the deepest spaces in his heart. 

Are you planning another book?

I would definitely write another book at a later stage in my life, moving away from the teenage life, haha. Perhaps on my travel journey.

How is your writing pattern?

My writing pattern is very original. I try to use my life experiences that have given me a particular point of view. I then try to make sense out of it by putting in some scientific evidence, and I also try not to sound too complicated, and use easy emotive language that others can relate to, especially the younger audience.

Teenage Chronicles

Is philosophy your favorite genre? If so, which other genres would you like to try?

Philosophy is an interesting genre, and I feel books like Philosophy 101 question the nature of reality. They also delve into and argue the answers to life’s most basic questions, definitely enabling me to think critically and logically. However, reading fiction books also increases my creativity and sparks some incredible ideas. Fantasy and magic-based books are things I love to switch between non fiction sometimes. 

That was a candid conversation with Saania Saxena. You can connect with her in her Instagram handle @teenage_chronicles. Read my review of Teenage Chronicles only on Outset Books.

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