Mahatma Thapaliyal’s Vishwadarshan, a Glimpse of Universe – Review

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 How was the universe formed? What is that supreme power which holds this universe together? The formation of the universe, its sustenance, and all inner secrets of the universe and the cosmic laws. Mahatma Thapaliyal’s Vishwadarshan, a Glimpse of Universe, is a window that opens to the white light of knowledge.

Vishwadarshan, A Glimpse of the Universe

Lucid language and simple narration:

Unlike other books that deal with spirituality, this book talks about the universe and its inception in such a simple language that all readers would be enchanted to know the world as a whole. The author has connected Hindu mythology with a spiritual connotation. Me mp ka Each chapter addresses topics that touch on different aspects of our life and several universal facts as well. The book intends to make spirituality accessible to laymen. The unique style of presentation and linking the deep spiritual philosophy with daily life make the book all the more endearing.

The translator who beautified the language

Translating a book with this level of dynamics is not an easily attainable feat. Rupa has shown total justice to the job in her hands. She has proven her mettle through the book. She has impeccably recreated the book without losing its essence. Being someone who is venturing into the spiritual arena, I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Having read many Hindu scriptures, I was enchanted with the analogies.
The book is an unprecedented experience. I am speechless to experience the deep philosophy without indecipherable sentences and facts that are misleading. The book on the other hand drives the readers through the right path.
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