An Island by Karen Jennings – Review

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 Human psychology is always concentrated on relationships and how someone’s mental health can be improved with improved relationships. What is it that someone is living alone on a deserted island? Let alone sanity, his survival would also be nearly impossible. Based on such a gripping scenario, Karen Jennings has knitted a tale that holds the readers and leaves them hooked to the book. An Island is the painful, enchanting, and gripping story of Samuel a light-keeper. 

An Island by Karen Jennings - Review

Unforeseen plotline

We have come across couples who are left back on an island and a sprouting love story that imbibes its life from the shore. But never one where instead of a paramour the sole inhabitant is receiving numerous dead bodies that wash up on the island, which he struggles to provide a befitting cremation. 

Survival of the loneliest

It is a riveting account of the author about how Samuel tries to survive and slowly develops his agricultural initiative. Be it the chick that is protected from the attacks, the empathetic approach towards the unsolicited guest or Samuel’s heart-wrenching past, the author has dived deep into the emotional layers.

Practical lessons

Samuel is living his life on his terms. Somewhere along, the book is a reflection of the hegemony, the discriminations and disparities. On the other hand, the author reflects on the aspect of ultimate companionship in an era of deteriorating humanity.

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