Adventures on Doryu by Cdr Maddox Hatter – Review

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 A free planet that is a sister planet of our blue planet. How endearing it would be! Adventures on Doryu, Raid on the Evil Dragon Nest is based on this stupendous idea. A planet with two suns… This is the ultimate fantasy read for kids. 

Adventures on Doryu by Cdr Maddox Hatter - Review

The Green Planet

Doryu and Earth were sister planets once. But the Evil Dragons wanted to keep Doryu under control and hence started hatching the dragon eggs to bring up evil dragons. Prince Virann along with Princesses Amelika and Esmella set out to bring the dragon eggs to put an end to the Evil rule. Further it is a thrilling ride through the eyes of the master storyteller.

The Evil Dragons 

Somehow the characters and the backdrop of the plot seemed analogous to me. The greenery of planet earth is deteriorated by the evil human minds who want to keep the planet under their control. The same could be witnessed in the plot. Deliberately or not, the author has brought forth a deep message through the book. 


It is said that we should not judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, the possibility of the same is evident in the book cover of Doryu. Seeing the cover no one would guess an impeccably crafted book with high-quality pages as good as the visual dictionary for the kids.

The illustrated are three-dimensional and so attractive that my kids were enticed by the book. The author has not reduced the quality of the language despite being a children’s book. This is the highlight of the book. Our young readers need not be underestimated. They are capable of comprehending good language. Of late, this quality was increasingly lacking in Indian authors’ books.


Overall the book is an unputdownable piece for kids with attractive illustrations, an engaging plotline, riveting fantasy, and a lot of information.

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