Outset Book Marathon Season 3 – The Ultimate Reading Challenge 2022

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 Every year Outset Books come up with the ultimate reading challenge Book Marathon. It is a crazy one month of unrelenting reading and gobbling up the character and reliving the moments. This year we are clubbing the Book Marathon with OL Book Dragons. You can join the book club, be a part of our BOTM and simultaneously take part in reading challenge 2022.

Outset Book Marathon Season 3

Book Marathon:

We are conducting the Book Marathon in two legs.
1. Half Marathon
2. Full Marathon

Half Marathon

In a half marathon, you have to post a book-related post, preferably a review on alternative days. You will be assigned a team of 5-10 members according to the participation. You have to engage in and share each other’s posts. 

Full Marathon

In a full marathon, you will be posting every day and simultaneously engaging in each other’s posts every day. In a full marathon, the team size will be 3-5 only. 

Rules to follow

Here are the rules to be followed in Outset Book Marathon Season 3 – The Ultimate Reading Challenge 2022
  • In your review, there should be a line. This review is a part of Outset Book Marathon with a backlink to https://outsetbooks.com. In addition, the teammates can provide backlinks to each other. This is optional and the teams can decide among themselves. 
  • A regular check will be done and the members that are not reciprocating will be removed. 
  • Outset books will share your review on our social media pages and also a collated list of your blogs will be shared on our website.

Certificate and badge

Once you successfully finish the book marathon you will receive a certificate and badge from us. In addition, you will be added to our reviewer list and would be core members of our Outset Book Club Is that it? NO! Selected bloggers will receive goodies from Outset Books.
Your activities don’t end here. More are coming your way. As a started to sign up for the Book Marathon.

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