Final Twist – Colter Shaw Series by Jeffrey Deaver – Book Review

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 Colter Shaw, one bookish character that I would scream out loud if asked about whom you might want to date. His inquest into the death rather than the murder of Aston Shaw takes him to places that he has never been to. Reading thrillers is always something that gives an adrenaline rush but Final Twist the last lap in the Colter Shaw series by Jeffrey Deaver, as the name suggests, is a suspense that keeps the readers till the end. 

Colter shaw series by Jeffrey Archer

A stand-alone sequence

While it is the third book in the series, the author has kept the new readers updated about the prequels, be it his father’s demise, or estrangement with his brother. The book can invariably be read as a stand-alone. The plot takes off from a dark room where Colter Shaw is held and the take-off is smooth. The author, without explicitly citing, explains how the protagonist ended up there. His connection with the other characters and the backstory are established without any lag. The pace of the narration and plot are incredible. The nailbiting experience is maintained throughout the book. 

The Black Bridge and the Shaws

The author has seamlessly connected the Shaws – Colter, his father, and his brother- with the BlackBridge, seamlessly without leaving any doubt in the minds of the readers about how each of them converged to the same point. The Colter Shaw series by Jeffrey Deaver reaches an all-time high in terms of engaging the readers without losing interest. The backstory has been crafted and set in place and the sequels have pieces that help them fall in place. This makes the reading experience all the more enchanting. The author has propitiously crafted the characters.

They speak to you

The characters are conversing with the readers at different levels. The plot is led by the characters and actions. Special mention is required for the library scene where the active actions maneuvered the plot and the characters to give the first jolt in the form of a twist. A pretzel in Shaw’s strategy, a setback to the black bridge, and a revelation that no one expected.
Having said that, the twists, thrill, and cliffhanger went off-grid due to an overdose toward the second half of the plot. 
Too many characters, twists, and unbalanced action sequences exhaust the readers after a point. It felt like the author was deliberately trying to fill the pages. Keeping these minor glitches aside, the book is a treat to readers who love to read action-filled thrillers.
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