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 Six and a half years back when I logged into Blogspot, I knew nothing. It was a space for my senseless poems so that they won’t get eaten away by termites. Further, when I wrote my first book, I wanted a space to write about it. But all these gave me no sense of direction till I received my first review copy. Since then I was in a trance, reading, and review up to 45 books per month. I never thought of promoting my blog or knew anything about SEO till I got a mail from Feedspot informing me that my blog is in the top 100 book review blog list. I was on cloud 9, and it in turn gave me the sense of direction that I lacked. I learned more about blogs and SEO, and here I am with an improved position with respect to the ranking and more.

Top Book Reviewer

15th Indian Book Review Blog

Does it sound like bragging if I have a separate post exclusively for this achievement? Because it matters the most to me. I was going through a tough phase where I was literally ignoring my blog and reviews were sounding like I was doing it for the sake of it. Many old author friends and reviewer friends asked me why I was doing this to my baby. That’s when I got another mail from Feedspot. I was at #15 under the Indian Book Review Blogs. My happiness knew no bounds. This is the push in the right direction, to work to reach the top 5. Always grateful to Feedspot for supporting talent.

OL Book-Dragons

Outset Book Club

To start a book club has always been my dream. But I never got someone who could complement my ideas, till I met my soulmate Shreyasi. She is my sister, friend and more. Together we decided to start a book club and what better day than the beginning of the month when two of my kids’ birthday falls. Well, that’s a coincidence. In fact, I was planning to do it last month but Onam, kids health, and whatnot. To join the club you have to do just this, send a follow request to us in the Instagram group or join us in the Goodreads groups. To be updated of our activities, join our Whatsapp Group. In addition, we have revived our review program. Visit the page to know more. If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and be with other book lovers. We also have the Outset Books Facebook Group.
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