Slice Of Life By Smita Das Jain – Book Review

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 Slice of life. As the name suggests, the book provides us slices of life on a platter. From a husband who does a sacrifice that no one else does to two friends who choose their friendship above everything else, the boom talks about relationships, their depth, and how we can think differently and act above stereotypes.

Slice Of Life By Smita Das Jain - Book Review


 The twist in the climax

The climax of each story of a slice of life gives us a life lesson. As much as I love to point out each story to let the readers know how beautifully the author has provided a different perspective to life is unbelievably promising.

When I grabbed the book I expected a good short story collection but this is an awe-inspiring piece of literature that is a slap on the face of those who claim that Indian writers are not good enough.

The way the author has been dealing with emotions is exemplary. The stupendous craft of characters, incredible narration, memorable climax, and a slice of life is a surprise package.

Short and crisp stories

The stories are short and would make the reader want more and more. Not only did the author deal with emotions and relationships she also. She has tried her hand in humor and successfully pulled it off. For an author to pull off two extreme genres with conviction. it takes immense courage and talent. The author is indeed on with promising talent.

The Cliche

Barring two stories, Twist of fate and the couple, which sounded and ended in a cliche the book is a perfect piece of literary finesse. The two stories indeed stick out like a sore thumb and dulled the sparkle but the author came back to track with the next story onwards. Had the stories been longer, it would have given the author more space to develop her craft. With her literary finesse, she should indeed write a novel for that’s where her crisp detailing could be exploited. No wonder she was featured in Women’s web, Story mirror, and more.

Spoiler alert

As much as I hate giving out spoilers, in this book, if needed to be reviewed in detail, a spoiler is inevitable. Nonetheless, I am trying to avoid giving out the plot by not mentioning the story’s name.  The author establishes that two women can love a man and still be best friends and can go beyond the obvious by thinking that if a man can create a rift in the friendship, then he is not worth it. This is a strong statement and revolutionary perspective that the author is giving out to the readers.

Can a man think of his wife’s secret paramour? A beautiful story of a platonic love that is uplifted by the careful intervention of the husband. What a plot! I would want to see the plot develop into a full-fledged novel. Likewise, there are aa lot of stories that are revolutionary and make the reader think beyond the obvious.

I thank the author for the ARC. I would recommend everyone to get a hard copy itself. If you are a book lover, join our Outset Book Club and be with other book lovers. We also have the Outset Books Facebook Group.

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