Death In Colaba Bay – A captivating blend of mystery, thrill, and drama.

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If you have been to Bombay, you would have visited Colaba. The name Colaba brings the image of Gateway of India, Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, and more. But during the colonial times of Bombay, Colaba is not the least reflection of what it is now. Hence a book where the place is more or less the character must warrant extensive historical research. ‘Death in Colaba Bay‘ by Ambika Subramanian is a captivating blend of mystery, thrill, and drama.

Death in Colaba Bay by Ambika Subramanian

Readers go all agog:

The plot embarks a slow tread through the mystery of three missing girls. Unable to manifest a connection between the girls, investigative officer Arun Rao is at the crossroads of his career. A chance encounter with Tara Bai changes the course of the investigation. Tara, with a strong bond with the staffs and teachers of the school where the girls are studying manage to extract more information instrumental to the case. Together Arun and Tara doff the secrets to lay bare the obvious reality. The author has succeeded in leaving the readers on the tender hook with one mystery sprouting after the other.

New mystery in the yesteryears:

The author has pulled off an enchanting murder mystery in which suspense becomes a character. Nonetheless, lack of details of the historical background dims the delight. Had the book been longer with the details of the colonial era, the book would have been engaging and all the more convincing. Another drawback is the suspect with a distinctive fragrance. Having executed a gruesome crime, a suspect would prefer lying low. Or I could not essentially wrap my head around it.

I recommend:

The book is ideal for mystery lovers who don’t want to read humongous books with plots that stat from ‘X’ and ends at ‘P’

What the blurb says:

Death in Colaba Bay is a thrilling tale of Victorian Bombay, a city where dreams are realized, and nightmares are lived.
BOMBAY 1898.

In the bustling and modern port city of Bombay—home to great wealth and great deprivation—crime is ever present.

Three young girls go missing from a prominent ‘native’ school in the city. Their families are frantic with worry.

Tara Bai, a young widow and heiress, with strong social connections, is an alumnus of the school. Intrigued and alarmed by the case, at the behest of the school founder and principal, she agrees to help the grieving parents.
Arun Rao, a young and promising police officer, is assigned to the case. His track record of solving complex crimes has led to his transfer to the Bombay Police, from Poona. Soon, one of the missing girls is found dead on the shores of Colaba.

The current crime has uncanny similarities to older cases from Central India involving the royal family of Jaiwar. A chance encounter at the home of one of the victims brings Tara and Arun together and they join hands to unmask a murderer who has already struck once and will not hesitate to kill again.
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