Club You To Death by Anuja Chauhan – Unputdownable With Action, Mystery And Spices

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A posh club with members who have a mini-celebrity status. Strike a bell? A quintessential Bollywood movie scenario with colourful characters when confronted with a gruesome murder. Anuja Chauhan with her classic satire and a matter of fact sketch contemporary pretence with a foray into a new genre makes ‘Club You to Death‘, a delightful treat to the readers.

Club You To Death by Anuja Chauhan

Anuja Chauhan style murder:

A space with motley members, a hegemonic lot, which create sparks of frictional ego contained with superficial pleasantries. A bunch of gossipmonger ladies who uninhibitedly goggles the sexy Zumba instructor. The hell breaks loose when they stumble upon the lifeless body of the man whom they have been swooning over. The plot gains momentum when Inspector Bhavani takes over the case assisted by Akash (Kashi).
The twists in the curve and turns in the tale makes the book unputdownable. One mystery leads to a curve where another unveils. The author has carefully submerged the seed for the mystery in the first half to sprout in the second. The unique style of narration makes the book all the more engaging.

When the suspect is the scapegoat

The author has portrayed the trend of media justice and pinning the crime on the suspect. She has subtly and explicitly called out the double standards of our society. While the climax is a cliché, it could be a reality as well.
Overall the book is unpardonable cliffhanger with the masala for the Indian readers.

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