Arzoo-Arshan by Mukul Kumar – Fast paced, intellectual and short.

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What is the chemistry behind attraction and love? Is there any chemical behind this mystery? If so, is it possible to attract the opposite gender with that potion? Arzoo- Arshan will give you the answer. It is the love story or rather hate story of two strong-headed individuals united and divided by choice.

Arzoo Arshan by Mukul Kumar

Contemptuous protagonist:

The USP of the book is that it doesn’t have a goody two-shoe protagonist. Even though Arshan is the main lead of the plot, the author has concentrated on the misogynistic, egocentric traits of Arshan. While the plot gravitates towards the relationships of Arshan, the readers would abhor the man who wants women to fall for him but gets bored too soon.
This character trait has been portrayed in numerous books and movies, though not for the main lead the intellectual superiority makes Arshan stand out.
While he disdains other women, his attitude towards his sister and Arzoo is respectful or so it is conveyed to the readers. Nonetheless, the last conversation in the flashback proves otherwise.

Female lead without development:

While Arzoo represents the strong-headed woman who gives back insults with the same fervor, her character has not been given ample space to develop. The plot that develops from Arshan’s skewed perspective makes Arzoo special just because she is not like “other women”. This “other women” concept is largely misogynistic, which passively states that most women tend to revolve around their partners.

When conversations become characters:

Intellectual conversations in the plot are the classic Mukul Kumar style. The author adds value to the plot through these thought-provoking discussions. Nonetheless, the expectations from the author are manifold when it comes to navigating the plot while exploiting the emotional quotient.
The plot could have been more engaging had the perspective of Arzoo was also depicted.
The book is an easy read of 90 pages with an exemplary style of narration and intellectually nourishing scenes.
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