I Can, Sir By Pathak – Real, Painful And Unforgettable

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The moment a child is born, the parent knit the dreams. The kids, grow up and spend their childhood and youth attempting to reach up to the expectations of their parents.

But often, we parents forget the fact that I made to stand behind the line of life and death, nothing would matter. Come what may, if our heart is not in the right place, nothing could bring you success. On the other hand, if you are emboldened with determination, nothing could break you. I Can Sir, is the autobiography of a boy who faced the storm and came out undeterred with sheer will power.

 Dreams of Rohit:

Rohit is an ordinary boy who set out to fulfill his parent’s dream to make him an Engineer. But he did the business of bunking classes better than studies. He lost track to the point that his classmates contemplated meeting him in a hospital. As fate would have it, a challenge in his life, gave him what nothing could help him attain – determination and focus in life. 
The book is indeed a painful read, more so since it is an autobiography. I was totally overwhelmed that I could not bring myself to review it howsoever I tried, and I ended up writing how I felt while reading the book.
The author has sincerely started his feelings without pretense. No attempt is made to commercialize the book and the same makes it extraordinary. 
The book is well structured. The lucid narration and grammar that is in place make it all the more endearing. It is a 50-page long novella and can be read in an hour or two but the emotions that it conveys could not be imbibed in an hour or two.
I dedicate the book to the fighters whom I personally know. Everyone should read the book to know the value of life and the importance of respecting each other.
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