Love, Pain And Loss – It Ends With A Dream By Medha Nagur

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It has been a trend to give acronyms to couples. Be it celebrity couples or characters, we always find a cute relatable acronym for their tale of love. It ends with a dream by Medha Nagur presents a new couple for the readers – Yashidnya.

Arduous childhood:

The plot gains life with Yadnya and Yashika’d childhood, though it begins with the friction between the couple. While the author has elicited the curiosity of the readers with the first chapter, the interest is generated once we proceed further.
The disapproval of Yashika toward Yadnya undoubtedly creates the question of why and how the mystery of Yadnya’s childhood is what holds the attention.

Characters that grow together:

It ends with a dream is a book that is led by the characters. Their idiosyncrasies, emotions, and past guides the plot development. The protagonists are depicted in a visually palpable fashion and the characters in the subplot are passively leading the plot.
Yadnya’s professional backgrounds are prevalent in substantiating his character craft. However, the foray into Yashika’s profession happens towards the climax. Somehow the plot is primarily led by Yadnya.

No puppy romance:

The highlight of the book is that the author has not unduly squeezed in lovemaking sequences and filmy surprises. The relation between Yadnya and Yashika is realistic and hence gains my brownie points. 

The author proves that we don’t need sleazy sequences to illustrate the depth of a relationship. 

Impeccable narration:

The style of narration by the author is commendable. It feels good to see an Indian author writing and simultaneously respecting English literature. Unlike the recent trend of belittling the quality of readers with low-grade English, the author has proven that lucid narration does not need poor English.

The book reminded me Nicholas Sparks, the reason for which I am not revealing to avoid spoilers.

Overall the book comes out to me as a breeze amidst the so-called divine puppy romances. If you are a book lover, join our Book Club and be with other book lovers. We also have the Outset Books Facebook Group.

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