Murder At The Muzaira By Raza Mir – A Classic For The Years To Come By

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 I would start this review with a disclaimer – I am not qualified to review this book. History, freedom struggle, a murder mystery – On a personal front, this combination is like having a wholesome meal with starters and desserts. This coupled with exemplary, impeccable, unmatchable literature – I am swooning over Murder at Mushaira by Raza Mir. The author has amalgamated with the real persons and instances with his imaginations and prepared a cocktail of thrilling historical, investigative literature. Mirza Galib who is investigating the murder is a real person and hence adds credibility to the whole tale.

Murder at the Mushaira by Raza Mir

Real and fictional characters embrace the plot

The plot revolves around Mushaira (Poet soirees) conducted in the palaces of the Nawab. The mutual ego clashes between poets, the indulgence of the poets in the internal matters of the Nawab, seemingly uncharacteristic friendships – The book has it all. The plot is guided by characters, both fictional and real. While the narrative personifies to connect with the readers, it becomes impossible to distinguish between reality and fiction.

Know the real freedom struggle

A glimpse of the 1857 Independence struggle is imperative for the current generation that thinks that what happened in the 1940s was the only freedom struggle. Hardly do they know that a century before the foundation for the revolution was laid. The book gives a detailed account of how they have sacrificed their lives irrespective of their age and gender for the freedom of their motherland. Though suppressed with the muscle power of the British, the revolution of 1857 is forever the first revolt for independence 

Strong female characters

The female characters, real and fictitious are the firebrand women who will inspire the women in the current generation as well. I am in awe of the ladies. We need more female characters for contemporary literature to provide a new perspective to Gen Z.

All in all, if I write more it would be a sycophantic account of the author’s finesse as I am blown with the impeccable piece of literature. This is a classic for years to come by.
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