Bahubalis of Indian Politics by Rajesh Singh – Explosive, Courageous and Honest

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Politics and muscle power have always been hand in gloves with each other. Howsoever, the politicians deny their clandestine association with the musclemen, it is known to even a child that they are closely associated. But what if these musclemen become politicians? The image that comes to mind would be that of a full-throttle action-packed movie with an unbelievably powerful muscle man politician. The book ‘Bahubalis of Indian Politics’ by Rajesh Singh bring to the spotlight the real picture of the political jugglery.

Bahubalis of Indian Politics
Bahubalis of Indian Politics

Unbelievable reality:

A politician under police custody being admitted to a hospital hires a floor of the hospital. Despite being under police custody he runs a parallel government in the hospital. Does that sound like half-baked fiction? If so, you are wrong. This is a reality, stranger than fiction. A politician flagrantly boasting about chopping off heads, another contesting the elections while cooling his feet in prison – the scenario gets stranger with each story.
We would be flabbergasted to think about which era we are living in. The author has narrated the reality plainly without any filters.

Brave author :

The courage shown by the author in portraying the grim reality of rotten politics is commendable. He has shared the incidents in no uncertain terms. The author has brilliantly brought the victory of good over an evil message through the books. He deftly involves the readers in the real yet fictional world of the muscle men. The author has chronologically stated the events that clearly show how these hooligans got what they deserve.

Overall the book is for readers who are looking forward to political thrillers, though it is the original version.

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