That’s True I Love Her By Priyanka M.A. Singh

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To have feelings is a human trait and more often than not humans fail to keep a hold on their feelings. This realization has been the root of the surging awareness about the LGBQ community. Books and movies based on this subject have been made in an attempt to change society through art. One such attempt is the book That’s true I love her by Priyanka MA Singh.

Manoeuvring the plot:

When Ammara sets out to Thailand to escape the travail of a failed relationship she did not expect a profound pronouncement of her orientation. The relationship with Raghav has never been normal. His demeanor has always been dominant, contemptuous, and unjustifiable. Tired of being taken for granted, she finally decided to move on and start on a fresh note. The complexities of the relationship with Raghav have been depicted with conviction. The style of narration is commendable, taking the fact that the author is a debutant into consideration.
On reaching Thailand she meets Bam, who is a tour guide. With increasing familiarity, she gets attracted to Bam and learns the most shocking fact about Bam. Nonetheless, she cannot forget Bam despite reaching back home.

Spread across three novels and 2 different countries, that’s true, I love her tells the story of love, LGBT constraints in India, and how a strong love is all you need to fight against the all odds.

At home, more and more surprises await her which change her life irreversibly and unpredictably.

Beyond the pink and blue:

That's true I love her

The author’s intention of bringing light to homophobia is commendable. The relationship of her friend Shankar with his boyfriend is depicted as normal. The inhibition of families to accept a homosexual relationship is addressed and simultaneously the depth of their relationship is treated with respect.
Nonetheless, the scenario of Ammara’d revelation of her sexual orientation seems forced and affects the overall flow of the book.
The characters of Ammara’s parents are friendly and the type that every child would wish for. But letting their adult daughter go for a night walk with a stranger seemed far-fetched. A deep developmental edit towards the last quarter of the book could take it a notch higher.
Overall the book is an entertainer for beginners and a book that could be read and enjoyed over a cup of coffee.

About the author:

Priyanka M.A. Singh was born & raised in a small town in Central India, Dhar. She completed her graduation in Engineering. After successfully completing her graduation, she pursued her career in Law from Indore. Now in Indore, lives with her two pet dogs (Aura & Kuku). Before she had started writing, she had practiced in district court but her favorite job is now writing YA Romance. Engineer by graduation, Lawyer by profession, and Writer by heart, you can reach Priyanka at
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