Brand New Start by Mainak Dhar – High Entertainment Quotient And Reliability Par Excellence

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The term brand brings to mind the picture of expensive dresses, bags, shoes, and accessories. But seldom do we fathom the fact that we can be a brand too. Mainak Dhar has enticed the readers with his thrillers but this time he steals the heart with his non-fiction Brand New Start derived from his personal experience. The book talks about personal branding.

Target readers of Brand New Start:

The book primarily targets three readers groups.
  1. Freshers
  2. Experienced candidates looking for a new job
  3. Those who need an appraisal in the current job

In all scenarios, the common factor that the author reinforced is that we should do personal branding. In other words, we should present ourselves as a brand. And hence the name brand new start.

Brand New Start by Mainak Dhar

ADDA technique:

The ADDA technique mentioned in the book is awe-inspiring. The author has transposed his experiences in the corporate world amalgamated with his impeccable narrative to give unputdownable non-fiction, a self-help one at that. 
The book stands out from the monotonous textbook materials disguised as self-help, which are non-pragmatic. Right from the introduction, the author attempts to create a connection with readers and succeeded at the feat too. Having the readers hooked is the toughest challenge of a self-help book. The genre has been saturated and cliched to the brim the author’s attempt at bringing a fresh seasoning of new ideas and friendly narration is commendable.

For a wider audience:

Even though the book targets a niche class of readers, the author with his forte style and vernacular narration connect with a wider audience irrespective of their stream of action. In short, the book can be read just for the entertainment quotient and reliability par excellence. If you are a book lover, join our Book Club and be with other book lovers. We also have the Outset Books Facebook Group.
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