Outset Book Marathon 2021- The ultimate reading challenge

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It has been 6 years since I started Outset. Two years into book review blogging we started the book review program where we connected bloggers with authors. Since then, every year on our anniversary, I announce a new program in Outset. One year it was announcing the best reviewer, other year it was the little reader program. Last year saw the beginning of Outset Book Marathon.

Book Marathon

Outset Book Marathon

Outset book marathon is a program to urge bloggers to read more and help each other. Bloggers have to share a book review on alternative days and comment on each other’s posts. It was exhilarating, tiring, and exciting. While we started off with many, after a month, only 8 remained. 
8 passionate bloggers.
It started off as an out and out professional venture and ended as a family. We had fun, we fought, made up, got frustrated but stuck to our deadlines.
To engage on 10 blog posts on alternative days was not easy. Some days would be bad days for they had to work on the next day’s draft as well. I am proud of my 9 precious stones and always grateful to them for being cooperative and disciplined.
Want to be a part of our family? 
Stay tuned for Outset Book Marathon 2021
Certificates and badges have been distributed. Once again thanks, everyone.
Book Marathon

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