How To Overcome Writers Block?

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Reading is a therapy- at least for me. Primarily because it lets me see people, be to places, and deal with endless scenarios. Relatable tales, fictional paradises, rush of adrenalin – I had everything that I could ask for. Secondarily, reading lets me write better, probably by keeping my brain active. To traverse the realm of thoughts we need a warm and fast brain, don’t we?

Me and my writer’s block:

So, I have been going through terrible writer’s block, despite reading back to back books. It was frustrating because words stuck in my brain, screaming to pop out of the containment. Looking back at my articles and posts, I cringed. What have I become? 
I realized it was time to put my foot forward and reconnect with the ‘Me’ I was in love with. Because self-love is not possible without the one factor that you love yourself the most about – Passion
Writer's block

Overcoming writer’s block:

To overcome writer’s block is easier said than done. The virtual world is stuffed with ideas to overcome it. Are they practical and effective? Well, it is relative to the person and circumstances. Some ideas might work for you and some for me. 
Today let me share how I overcame writer’s block.  

1. Take a break

Howsoever you like being in the universe of words, the array of thoughts would deviate from the path when you have a writer’s block. Result? Unable to write, dissatisfied with your work and related stress. In such situations, I take a break from writing and reading. Try to find your passion that is submerged and unreaped. For me, it was cooking. Till I ventured into trying new recipes, I didn’t know that I had it in me. Now, if not for reading I have my cooking spree for the rescue and in refreshing myself.

2. Exercise/ Yoga

Yoga is a healer for every misery of mine. It relieves me of any stress that makes me think that the glass is half full. If not yoga, a couple of strengthening exercises, dance, Zumba, or any exercise for that matter. Make it a custom to exercise for 5 minutes per day. Result? You will be rejuvenated intellectually and physically. My mind became relaxed once exercise became a part of my life. 

3. Write a journal

Writing journal need not be mere daily snippets. You can write anything that comes to your mind. Looking back it might seem like trash but writing a journal is a warm-up for your mind and relaxing to your intellect.

4. Resume with word limit

Once you try to get back to your reading and writing routine, don’t go all the way with large passages. Keep a word limit and don’t more than the fixed number of words per day. Slowly increase the number of words. Slowly you can see how you are naturally falling into the groove.

5. Meditate

The prime point to keep in your mind while you meditate is that you should not do it for a particular purpose. While meditating, your mind should be calm. The hullabaloo of thoughts makes  this exercise a waste of time. Hence meditate with a free mind.

6. Take part in challenges

There a lot of reading and writing challenges in social media. Take part in those challenges. You might not be able to perform the best of you but it could be the nudge you always wanted. I’m participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter’.
This helps you crush your TBR, read more, talk about those books more and share the love of reading with a large group of like-minded people who are as passionate about books as you are! 
Now, I am in the resuming stage. As you can see, I am not writing great but I know that I am slowly getting back on track. Meet you all with a refreshed and revamped mind with more reviews and engaging posts.
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