Jasmine By Sanjay Desai – The fictional self help book

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Self-help books are a rage these days. More so after the pandemic loom is all over. The boom of self-help books has been a steep curve but often the books fail to connect to practical life. The detachment from reality makes them good to read but tough to apply. Jasmine by Sanjay Desai is one book that amalgamated self-help with practical reality.

Jasmine by Sanjay Desai

It is the story of Jasmine, a talented bright, strong-headed girl who is sucked into the peripheral lives of fashion, where there is no depth in any relations – personal or professional. The ecstasy that this industry would give blinds her soul. The plot, though tries to bring to light the realities of the world of fashion, and depicts the realities in all fields. The author, being talented in his craft, could have selected an unconventional stream to bring to light this reality as the hollowness of the fashion industry has been poached a lot.

The characters, though not much are molded to go with the plot. Devastated by the happenings in her life, Jasmine sets out in search of eternal peace. The foray into spirituality beings her to Bala Further unfolds the spiritual journey of the protagonist and readers alike. If you are someone who likes to read spiritual discussions, you would love the books as the author has several practical facts to back up his teachings or Bala’s teachings for that matter. 

The author has portrayed his personal experience or knowledge of spirituality to the readers so that they could perceive how to apply it in their lives. The book cover is simple yet attractive the author has proven that we need not have flamboyant book covers and incomprehensible passages to make a book of good quality.

Further how Jasmine’s life changes are depicted in a dramatic style which wavers the theme of connecting the book with pragmatism. If you like the fictional adaptation of self-help, this book is for you.

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