Music Of Words – Poetry Garden by Trinankur Bera

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Poetry is the music of literature. Like the different genres of music poetry to have various versions that could entice different sections of readers. Poetry Garden by Trinankur Bera is like melodious music.

Melodious poetry – Poetry Garden

When words scream and create music, that’s what Trinankur’s poetry sounds like. Be it the suspense-filled yet caressing tale of a mother, or the tale of a man who flaunts his watch, the author has a unique narrative style that could stand out and create a niche that some years down the line, could be counted as Trinakur style. The author has achieved this feat at such a young age that it is bound to inspire another set of aspiring writers.

Poetry Garden by Trinankur Bera

Evoking the memories:

The author has used the words emphatically such that the memories of the readers are evoked and emotions effervescent.
Relatable scenarios are used with exemplary elegance in narration.
Despite the young age, the author has proven his mettle in exploiting deep emotions and comprehending complex life situations like any other adult would do.

Lack of wrapping :

Some of the poems are left at loose ends. The poems would leave the reader wish if the author had wrapped the ends, to sum up, the reading experience with fitness.


The author has a commendable piece of literature put together. Minor cons are dispensable in comparison to the overall experience provides by the author.
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