Fast-Paced, Cliffhanger – Daylight by David Baldacci

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For a David Baldacci lover, Atlee Pine’s journey to find the truth about her sister is a thrilling and nail-biting unputdownable wait. For any reader, it is the same. The review of the book can be wrapped up in these two lines. Daylight is the reading experience that any thriller lover would love to indulge in.

Daylight By David Baldacci

Daylight -The mystery of Mercy

Atlee Pine sets out in search of her twin sister, Mercy, to know whether she is alive. Ito Vicenzo, when he pulled her sister away and pushed her to a near-death experience. The experience has scarred her so much that despite becoming a detective herself she found it impossible to track down the killer, primarily because he is old, untraceable, and followed by his two generations of unscrupulous men. Her foray into the truth lands her amidst conspiracies and mysterious circumstances stacked to cover up the truth and crosses paths with John Puller who is investigating the Vicenzo family. Daylight, with the classic David Baldacci style of narration, keeps the readers at the edge of the seat with a 400-page unputdownable book.

Edge of the seat cliffhangers:

David Baldacci has never failed his readers when it comes to his cliffhangers. Each chapter of Daylight sees twists but deftly the author makes sure the readers are not overwhelmed with too many scenarios. Like with any thriller there is a cascade of characters that inadvertently contributes to the plot. While the author gave enough space for the protagonists and the prime supporting characters to develop, the ones in the subplot don’t fail to claim their space.

Disappointing Climax:

The one prominent con of Daylight is that the author failed to sweep the readers, like he did in the previous books, in the climax. The climax is disappointingly an overworked cliche. The plot takes its own pace to take off as it is a sequel and initial chapters are dedicated to the first-time readers to wrap their heads around the prequels. Nonetheless, it did not affect the overall reading experience.


The book is recommended to all thriller lovers who need a fast-paced, plot with numerous twists in the David Baldacci style but its uncharacteristically cliched climax spoils the overall reading experience.

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