Understanding Hinduism by Kandiah Sivalokanathan

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Hinduism, the term brings to mind the picture of a diya, prasad, pooja, beat, idol worship and of late Islamophobia. These are the ideas reinforced inside the psyche of the masses by a few interested parties. Understanding Hinduism is a book that topples these pseudo ideologies to present a reality.

Understanding Hinduism

You would be surprised if I say that the real ideology of Hinduism is worshipping a divine power without a shape or form.

Like Kuran for Muslims, Bible for Christianity, there is no particular book for Hinduism. Because it is not a religion. It is a way of life, based on spiritual ideology and practices. So, how did the twisted logic instilled in the minds of masses come into being? After reading the whole book, you will be shell-shocked to see how bogus the ones we have been following would be.
The most shocking revelation is that Hinduism believes in accepting and respecting other religions. Think of the temples where ‘ahindus are not permitted ‘ is written! Those are not for God or the divine power inside. Shocked?

Understanding Hinduism

In addition the book has the explanation to all Hindu customs. For instance the importance of OM. It is not merely a religious mantra. It is a coming together of Aa, Oo, Maa. The vibration that these three syllables create is the key. It has nothing to do with religion. I am blissful is the message.
Read the book and you will be up for more shocking and interesting facts.
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