Real Stories of Depression by Amrita Tripathi and Arpita Anand – Book Marathon Book 7

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 When feeling sad or happy is not in anyone’s control, it feels helpless. Tears flow without a reason but we would not be able to control them. Amidst the crowd, we feel alone and disoriented. What could it be Real stories of dealing with depression by Amrita Tripathi and Arpita Anand is a real account of a bunch of fighters who have defeated the monster of loneliness and fear. The book has included people from different walks of life and hence relatable to every reader. 

Real Stories of Depression

When we hear it from the ones who survived, it gives strength to those who are fighting depression. It gives a raw hope to alight the flight of steps to a normal life. This is the highlight of Real Stories of Dealing with Depression.

There are accounts of people who have survived the terror with alternate medicine. This is a rare situation because often psychologists refrain from sharing such real examples. It’s commendable. There a few books which give you poetic satisfaction. Depression is one such book.

Amidst the real experiences, there are a few write-ups as well by experts. It clearly demarcated depression from sadness. The book should be read by everyone irrespective of the history of mental illness because, this could be you and me in the future and if you are aware, helps comes early. 

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