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Indian love stories have been treading the same path for years now. A trend that has been set with the love at first sight, silly fights, filmy romance followed by an issue that separates the love birds and finally uniting – This pattern has been overworked and trodden so much that the readers would: 1. either guess the plot 2. leave the book unfinished. The basic plot of the book girl next door has this pattern but with a twist. Twist because the author has made an ordinary story extraordinary with his exemplary narration.

The girl next door by Arpi Vageria

Cliche plot with unique narration:

Ishaan leaves his family in his teenage when an unfortunate incident in his family makes it unable to stay there further. He leads a cloistered life keeping his family and friends at bay. contacts with his father and brother. His parents are getting divorced and the conversation that he has with his parents is reserved for mutual blaming by his parents. As the situations stand, Ishaan is no longer willing to go back to the town that he left fifteen years ago. The sudden outbreak of aquavirus and the declaration of lockdown forces him to be back at his place.
There he reconnects with Ruhi, his childhood crush, neighbor, and the daughter of the Chief Minister. He immediately falls for her, again! Further his antics get her attention by sending messages through the drone and jumping terraces and the surprises take the readers to the world of teenage romance by two people in their 20s. But the happiness is short-lived when the Aquavirus comes into the picture as the troublemaker. 

When reality and commonality join hand:

The plotline sadly follows the trail of the bestseller formula. The unrealistic surprises, the extent to which the families go(not mentioning to avoid a spoiler), and the undue squeezing in of the lovemaking scene (strangely not between the protagonists) make it a cliche.
But the author has made a diamond out of carbon with his powerful tool – literature. The beginning and end of each chapter see the author’s assessment of the lives and relationships. This calls for an exemplary read. Howsoever we praise the author’s fitness is less. The same has been attained in a simple and lucid style of narration. Hats off

The girl next door

Take-home for the readers:

The readers get to have a motivational read with an easy-breezy love story. Several relatable incidents amidst the filmy sequences would force the readers to empathize and introspect. Some of the sequences like playing cricket on the terrace, the support to the aquavirus patients, and walking inside the ball are worth piquing the entertainment quotient.
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