Popular Indian Fairy Tales by Stuti Gupta – Reading, thinking and acting

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We have grown up hearing fairy tales. Our minds, as children are moulded based on the messages and morals given in the tales. Gone are the days, when we used to believe every story from our grandparents, believed them blindly. The kids these days are far more brilliant and inquisitive. The old fairy tales will be mercilessly disregarded by them due to the lack of perfect logic. Popular Indian Fairy Tales by Stuti Gupta is a practical version of the fairy tales.

Popular Indian Fairy Tales

Fairy tales in contemporary English:

The stories are the Indian version of the fairy tales retold in contemporary English. The language is relatable to the current generation and hence holds the interest of little readers. The author has enhanced the reading experience with questions after every section. These questions are crafted in a manner which forces the little ones to think and react. This, in turn, helps in developing the emotional quotient. These questions are problem-solving exercises.

Brain Exercises:

For the kids’ book, the attraction is a key factor. The book cover with two kids on an elephant reaching for the books itself will force the little ones to pick the book. The crossword puzzles and colouring exercise make sure to hold the interest.

Another USP of the book is that it is not stuffed with illustrations which distract the readers. Overall the book is the best reading experience by holding the reading interest and providing a practical application to the kids.

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