Cupid Covid by Devinder Dhingra – Book Review

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Cupid Covid by Devinder Dhingra - Book Review

 COVID times came to our lives like an unexpected storm. It upturned everyone’s lives. Eight months down the line, when a book with Cupid COVID as the title comes out, the intrigue of the book lover is piqued. Will the book be having a scary scenario? Will COVID be the matchmaker? How is it possible?

Cupid Covid by Devinder Dhingra has succeeded in inciting the anxiety of the readers with the title alone. Mohit is admitted to a hospital as he is under quarantine. He is suspected to have COVID and hence waiting for the blood test results. In the hospital, he meets Neha and falls in love with her. Neha reminds him of his ex-girlfriends in school and college. To make the situation worse, he is married. A weird yet possible scenario in the current situation.

The unilinear main plot with exuberant subplots:

The main plot is unilinear without any complicated scenarios. The plot repeatedly switches from the present to the past in the first half of the book. The author has managed to smoothen the transition without any bumps. The subplots are more entertaining and engaging than the main plot itself. The characters in the past are given more space to develop. 
The fact that Mohit fell in love with Neha during the hospital days might come across as an over-the-top scenario. Nonetheless, the author has managed to back it up with the fact that he got into an arranged marriage just about 3 months back. Well, justify is not the right word. Infidelity cannot be justified whatsoever.

The girls in Mohit’s life:

The character of Siddhima and Neha are underdeveloped. So are the girls in his past. They are introduced to the readers from Mohit’s point of view. The main plot is stuffed with no space to expand and hence the abrupt changes in Mohit’s relationship status could not be established.
Further a tragedy and a cascade of events that follow change the course of the plot. The author has succeeded to get the readers into the character’s heads. Hence their readers would empathize with the girls and feel angry with the protagonist.

The COVID life in the plot:

The author has deftly given the details of the several stages of COVID life in India. It is a commendable effort on the author’s part. The plot has a lot of possibilities which cols have been exploited if the book was longer.
Overall the book is simple with a protagonist that connects with the readers to the point where they would be angry with him.

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