Loss by Siddhath Dhanvant Shanghvi – Book Review

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Loss by Siddhart Dhanvant Shanghvi

 Loss – The four-letter word with infinite definitions. The word is forever married to the pain – be it the loss in your business or the loss of a loved one. The word holds multidimensional meanings. Author Siddharth Dhanvant Shanghvi, through his memoir ‘Loss,‘ brings out the depth of the pain one feels from a loved one’s loss. In his life, it is three.

Loss – The better half of pain:

Siddharth encounters pain when his father is diagnosed with cancer. His family starts revolving around the ailing father, his idiosyncrasies, the predicament of going through chemotherapy, and pain – physical and emotional. It is a tough road to walk and the author has depicted it with intense emotions that the readers feel the raw pain that the author has encountered.

Loss of not one but three loved ones:

The irony in the author’s life is that his father falls ill first but he loses his mother unexpectedly. The author has poured out his heart through the words. The pain is real. The sublime narration makes the reader forget the world around them and indulge in the book unconditionally.

To enliven his father, he brings a dog.  A cute little being. But death is looming around the author’s house to take his loved ones away. One after the other, he loses his father, mother, and dog. How to deal with it? The book is equally a painful and inspiring reading experience.

Not easy to read through:

If you are a person who reads books for sheer entertainment and the fun of reading, this would be a book that should pass. I am in awe of the author’s narration, and the way he dealt with pain primarily because I love to read books that bring out crude emotions.

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