Backstreet Boy by Dr. Kisholoy Roy – Book Review

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Backstreet boy

MS Dhoni is an emotion for Indians. After Sachin, if someone had an influence nearer to what he left behind, it is Dhoni. Backstreet boy by Dr. Kisholoy Roy is a collection of essays on M.S Dhoni.

Dhoni is called Brand Dhoni. The best term to address the legend.

The author has done extensive research on Dhoni’s life and has given a consummated account of the articles on Dhoni’s life in chronological order. The author’s effort in finding the right article for the event at a particular stage of Dhoni’s life is commendable.
The author calls him the brand Dhoni. If we think about it, there is no better way to explain the life of the legend. The chapters are short and hence readers could finish them easier.

The author’s knowledge about the technicalities of the game is evident in the book.

If you are a cricket lover, who loves Dhoni, this is one book you should never miss. It has everything about Dhoni in one place.

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