Homicide@Caramelo by Prasoon- Review

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Name          – Homicide@Caramelo
 Author                 – Prasoon
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Homicide@Caramelo by Prasoon- Review

For pulling off a thriller, the book needs to be huge, and the character has to be numerous so that the suspense element is maintained throughout. This preset notion was changed by Ruskin bond in his book Perfect Murder. Nonetheless many did not dare to venture the same because building up a plot and suspense simultaneously in lesser words is a challenging task.

Prasoon through his book Homicide@Caramello pulls off a similar attempt with success. The name itself is enough to excite the readers. Apparently, the whole story in nutshell is the name itself. Caramello is a coffee shop inside hotel Hans. A murder that happened inside Caramello is the theme of the whole book. A man is madly in love with his wife Riya who is pregnant. Riya stumbles upon something that spoils her sleep for good. She tries to reach the bottom of it. Where she is led to in this attempt forms the rest of the book. 

Each chapter ends with suspense. Be it Riya’s apprehensions or Dia’s intrigue or Aman’s interests, readers are forced to go on. The snippets of suspense at the end are the highlight of the book. Whatsoever thoughts the readers have, will be reinforced and reignited with these snippets. The unexpected twist in the penultimate chapter is commendable. It is not beyond the realm of reason but still comes across as a surprise. The climax could have been worked on a bit more but the pros of such an approach are that it makes the reader read the book once more and mull over what it meant.


A junior Ruskin Bond

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration:   4.5/5
Character:   4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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