Colour me Father by Paolo Hewitt_ Review

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Name          – Color Me Father
 Author                 – Paolo Hewitt
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Color me, Father, by Paolo Hewitt_ Review

Color me father is an open letter by a father to his son. It is not a mere letter it is poetic prose with an in-depth interaction between a father and his son. It is rather a monologue, an engaging one at that.

The author had kept the letter a purely impersonal one. He writes to his Son Rafi about his life, Rafi’s life, his family, his wife, Rafi’s birth, his birth, and many more things. Apart from these, he has discussed several worldly matters with his son. As a father, he is equipping his son to develop an awareness and opinion about everything around him. 

The snippets of his past are painful. He has given the anecdotes in such a way that the readers won’t be able to take it off their minds because it’s reality. Despite having a troublesome childhood, he wants his Son to have a perfect life. The narration is literarily high value. 

There are no characters as such. Rafi is also coming into the picture only when the author addresses him. Nonetheless, Rafi is there throughout. Overall the book is simultaneously a heart-wrenching and heartwarming one. Nonetheless, the curse of losing the pace has followed this book like the majority of books in the world of literature. However, the author has succeeded in gaining momentum back.


Scenario:   4.5 /5

Narration:  4/5
Character:   3/5

Entertainment Quotient:4 /5

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