Between You and Me by Atul Khanna

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Name          – Between You and Me
 Author                 – Atul Khanna
 Publisher              – Bloomsbury
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Between You and Me by Atul Khanna

We celebrate our republic day on 26th January. But many of us don’t know what is the meaning of being a republic. Beyond the fundamental rights and duties, very few know about the constitution and its crux. Atul Khanna is one among those rare people and has written a book that lays bare the double standards and shortcomings in our constitution. 

The book is multilayered and handles several varieties of arenas where a change in the constitution is required. The book in short is a detailed analysis of the constitution and a set of suggestions to improve and moreover upgrade the constitution.
As a preface author throws light on the freedom struggle and tells the readers why the efforts of every freedom fighter except the two were neglected. The author subtly divulges the strategy of the Nehru family in glorifying Jawaharlal Nehru whereas Ambedkar, the Architect of the Indian constitution remained neglected till recently.

To begin with, the author enlightens the readers about the style of action and some sneak peek into the tenure of several leaders who did or did not hold cabinet positions. The author presents several suggestions as petitions, which, if followed could make a lot of changes in the Indian economy. As the author puts forth India is trapped in the constitution that was made nearly a century back. The prime petition is for the mixed vote system. The idea of further thought seems like a wonderful thought. The process which is more or less a grading system will eradicate favoritism. Likewise, several petitions are put forward. A few that on a personal note, I found most effective will be mentioned here.

While Lokpal was formed, as every citizen, I also thought that something useful and effective is going to happen but apparently it turned out to be a mere puppet. The case of Jammu and Kashmir is indeed an eye-opener for me. The second partition was unknown to me and I am not very proud of it. The chapter is about repealing Article 370. It is a very important chapter in the whole book. The chapter about the civil code is yet another important one.

Overall the book targets all practice areas that influence the lives of a citizen. It dissects the constitution in minute detail and analyses it. In a few years, the book would be a reference material for political students. The book is recommended to every responsible Indian Citizen.


Scenario:   5/5

Narration:   5/5
Relevance:  5 /5

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