The Code of Manavas by Arpit Bakshi- Review

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Name          – The Code of Manavas
 Author                 – Arpit Bakshi
 Publisher              – Rupa Publications
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What if man becomes an extinct species like the dinosaurs? Will planet earth be still there after 50 years. Arpit Bakshi has foreseen the impending doom that could happen to the human race. 

In 2050, man no longer exists and the race that evolved is called Manavas. The earth is not Bhoomi and exists with the help of Bhoomidium, an invention of Krishna, the saviour of mankind. The manavas are a developed race without any weaknesses that men had. Present situation puts Krishna in a precarious situation since the Bhoomidium level is going dangerously low. Krishna needs to find and develop a new planet, Prithvi where he needs to rehabilitate the Manavas. In his process he finds that one of his friends turned foe. From there a thrilling, scientific and mythological journey takes off.

Being the first book in the Trilogy, author has attempted to establish the scenario in the first book. Nonetheless apart from establishing the story, author has added the sub plots that enriches the basic plot. The style of narration is easily comprehensible yet rich in literary value. The mythological part is kept subtle but the term Maha Vishnu Trilogy indicates that further mythological foray could be witnessed in the sequels. The character are limited, which is a rarity for fantasy books but it the characters are all crafted well so that the readers won’t find any missing in the book. The climax opens the gate for sequels and hence left the readers at the verge of a cliffhanger. The book could be counted as analogical to Shiva Trilogy but the Sci-Fi factor makes the book unique. It takes some time for the plot to establish and take off. The graph is slow in the first part of the book but later the the pace accelerates.


Scientific Mythological Futuristic Thriller.

Scenario:   4 /5
Narration    : 4/5
Character   :  4 /5
Entertainment Quotient:4/5

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