Love in the Time of Taliban’ by Rajesh Talwar- Review

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Book Name          – Love in the time of Taliban

 Author                 – Rajesh Talwar


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Taliban, the name brings the picture of guns, bomb blasts, and death in the mind of the readers. Love would be theast word that comes to our mind and hence, the title ‘ Love in the Time of Taliban’ make the readers intrigued about how the word love fits in.

The book has two parallel storylines, narrated by the two male protagonists. One is Kazim and other is James. Kazim was an administrative assistant who was delegated to Kandahar. Due to whatsoever happened in his life, he becomes a Jihadi. James is a consultant working on a report on the life in Kabul. Kazim is in love with Zeenat and James is in love with Imelda. How both storylines proceed paralelly and intersects eventually is the crux of the tale?

Despite being a novella, the book is enriched. To inculcate two different storylines in a small space and that too on the background of the most gruesome life in Afghanistan is nearly impossible but author proved that it is not literally impossible. Author has presented a different life for the readers. The depiction of Kandahar airport is unbelievable. An airport that works like a bus depot is shocking.

For an Indian, author has convincingly portrayed the life in Taliban controlled Afghanistan. There are different layers of issues discussed in the book like the American military killing innocents mistaking them for Taliban but without any solid proof is the prime issue discussed. How Zeenat had to take difficult steps shows the gravity of gender discrimination.


Shockingly realistic.

Scenario:   5/5

Narration    :   5/5

Character   :  5/5

Entertainment Quotient: 5/5

This review is in return of a free book from the author.  

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