Heart Quake by Ishita Deshmukh- Review

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Name          – Heart Quake
 Author                 – Ishita Deshmukh
 Publisher              – Lifi Publications
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Love stories amidst calamities have been the most appreciated for years. Ishita Deshmukh, through her book Heart Quake, has brought to the readers the love story amidst Gujarat earthquake. 

Sonal reaches Gujarat in search of her friend Smita on the pretext of relief service as a nurse as well. A group of doctors and nurses working to help the affected folks, discover some discrepancies in the medicines of medical services given to the patients. They settle on a plan of action to find out why, what, where and when, things went south. Unexpectedly, Sonal meets Tejas who used to be her beau but ended up sorely. Will Sonal and Tejas rekindle their relation? Will the group of young doctors find out what went wrong and do something about it?

Based on a historical calamity, author has developed a storyline with several subplots that are reconnected. The style of narration is way above average, yet simple and easily comprehensible. The love angle could have been underplayed. Nonetheless, the subtle give and take between Sonal and Tejas is endearing. 

Overall, there was a balance between the subplots. The characters are crafted well. There were too many charcaters especially the doctors but each one was given due priority and development at the point their character gets prominent and thus kept the proportion correct.



Scenario     :  4 /5

Narration   : 4/5
Character   :  4/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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