New World Reapers by Amritansh Dayal- Review

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Name          – New World Reapers
 Author                 – Amritansh Dayal
 Publisher              – Notio Press
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To review this book, the fact that should be considered is the age of the author. The depth of the characters, the novelty of the imaginations and the twists and turns, everything would be according to a teenager’s imaginations and hence the book should be judged accordingly.

Coming to the plot, the book is a sci-fi-fantasy thriller. After the apocalypse, the humans left are transformed into shadows and mutants the rest of the humans are superheroes and the only one without superpowers is the protagonist Athias Dawn, who leads the team and makes the strategies. Further the readers get to see the thrilling incidents with a lots of twists and turns.

Plot and the characters are complicated and the author has managed to sew them together without lumps. The characters seemed immature but as mentioned before the age of the author matters. The book is indeed targeted at young readers and hence the plotline and the type of characters are justifiable. The book cover is appealing and forces the readers to pick it. While considering the age, as mentioned before, what stands out beyond the age of the author is the attempt to narrate the incidents in different perspectives, which the author has pulled off beyond his age.


Targeting the young readers

Scenario     : 4 /5
Narration    : 4/5
Character    : 3.5/5
Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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