Dissected by Naveen Kakkar- Review

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Book Name          – Dissected 

Author                – Naveen Kakkar 

Publisher              – Notion Press

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Life of students in Medical Colleges has been subject of curiosity for all other students. They keep on wondering how their practicals would be, how will they deal with anatomy, will they get time for the nitty gritties of the college life-the questions go on. Naveen Kumar, through his book “Dissected”, dissects the life of medical students.

The book is collection of anecdotes of various aspects of college life. The term Progressive Medical Education is unknown for majority of the laymen and hence the topic incites the interest of the readers as to how the students set out to different locations to directly deal with the pulse of common men. The book tells the readers that hostel life is the same irrespective of the stream of education you choose. The first introduction to the anatomy hall is equally eerie and hilarious. Needless to say, there are a few romantic connections in the college but they remain in the background.

Characters are the most unique point in the book; Especially their name. The names Slick, Taxo, Podgy etc leaves the readers wonder if the college is indeed in India or the names were selected for some hidden reason. The style of narration is the USP of the book. Author has portrayed each instance in a quirky manner. Humour in the book is effortless and hence attractive. 

Despite being a fiction, lack of a proper story line gives the impression of a memoir, which, to a great extent is true as the author himself is a doctor and as a student he would have had similar experiences. The same makes the book even more appealing.


Memoir like fiction.

Scenario:   4 /5

Narration    :   5/5

Character   :   4/5

Entertainment Quotient: 4/5

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